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This is Psych! (or don't be a giant snapping turtle...)

Someone, aralia_aro, recently asked me what is this Psych I speak of (not like I've been lamenting all over LJ-Land about how it has been a long dry summer without my Psych-fix or anything though *g*)

So, I thought - hey, let me put together a video guide that explains Psych in a very-Psych-esque way.

So, without further ado,

This is Psych!

It's an awesome show with an awesome theme song.

It's like The Mentalist, only funnier.

This Shawn. Isn't he cute?

And yeah, he's a little strange too.

This is Shawn's best friend, Gus. Shawn's life would suck without him.

Even if they don't always get along.

Now, if only Gus would stop being a giant snapping turtle.

This is Detective Lassiter. He is a sexy-beast.

Even Shawn thinks so.

This is Juliet. Shawn loves her.

Juliet and Lassiter are partners. Shawn and Gus are partners. Sometimes they work together. Sometimes not.

I couldn't find a decent clip of the Chief. What? Dude. Suffice, to say, the Chief is awesome.

This is Henry, Shawn's dad. He loves his boy, even if he puts up with a lot from him.

But how does Shawn convince them he is a psychic? Like this.

They start each episode with a flashback to Shawn's childhood. Isn't wee!Shawn the cutest thing ever?

They end each episode with an out-take. Which is often the cast singing a riff.

In Sum: I love them and hope they never grow up!

WATCH PSYCH! The Fifth Season premieres on Wednesday, July 14th on USA Network.
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