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So You Think You Can Cry.

Apparently, I can cry. Over a TV dancing show. See my use of the tag ‘stupid things that make me cry’. Anyways, I am now caught up through the episode of “The Top 14”, so let’s discuss.

1. I don’t like their new format. I don’t like how everybody dances before we find out who even got eliminated from last week. Sometimes the person is given advice one week that they implement the next week, only to find out they were already cut anyways. Also, because we have to wait a week in between, I tend to forget who danced what. I also miss them doing flashbacks to remind of us of what the couple danced. To be able to remember from week to week who I liked, I have to keep a little notebook of things while I watch each episode.

2. I don’t know if it is because I don’t like the new format or because last year was an unbelievable season with phenomenal dancers, but this season doesn’t seem as good to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am attached to a lot of the dancers but the level of dancing doesn’t seem as up there as last season. This could also be because last season I got to watch with The BFF and I had someone to talk too during the episode about what I thought of each dance - (which probably helped me remember more from episode to episode as well).

3. I remember when I first started watching the show, I totally made fun of the farewell montages. But then I kind of missed them when it looked like they weren’t going to do them anymore, so I am glad to see the montages back.

4. I am so glad they sent Alexa home in the first round! She should have never been on the show to begin with. They kept giving her chances over and over in Vegas Week and she didn’t deserve them. She needed to step it up and she never did, but they let her on the show anyway because they all had sentimental attachment to her from last year. Daniel had the potential to really grow, but I knew as soon as they paired him with Alexa that he wasn’t a strong enough dancer to stand up against how much she was going to bring him down.

5. I am sad they lost Amber so early on. I knew she wasn’t strong enough to make it to the end but if she had stayed for an episode or two more, she would have gotten that recognition that so often leads to job offers for the dancers.

6. I am thinking maybe people are overlooking Audrey. In part because of her pairing with Matthew - (poor Matthew, he was so earnest but he just didn’t have ‘it’). I have the sneaky suspicion that Audrey is going to maintain at a decent enough level to keep her safe until we get closer to the end, and then watch her pull ahead of the crowd. I guess we’ll see if I’m right.

7. I am just going to be like the rest of America and say that Will and Amelia were my favorites. From each of their auditions, they struck me. Will has so much energy, smiles and sweetness, plus the man can do things with his legs most people cannot, let alone someone with his height. He is like rubber out there. Amelia is so unique, pretty, graceful and quirky fun. And they both have amazing feet - I love when they perform barefoot. I was so sad to see Amelia go. Not surprised though because she started out so strong but she didn’t keep building after that - (Will either, to be honest). The name of the game is ‘improvement‘. It was her departure that made me cry though because…

8. When Lindsey made it through (quite rightfully) and she came down the stage, Will reached out to hug her, but then he looked over Lindsey’s shoulder right at Amelia and the look of anguish on his face, omg. Then by the time they were done with the montages and whatnot, the shot of the whole top ten with their crying faces and Will in the back with his hands on his face…but that wasn’t what broke me. It was Nigel coming up on the stage and bee-lining for Amelia so he could hug her. I just broke, okay? In the very last shot, you could see Will holding Amelia by the shoulders and talking very seriously to her, with such love and awesomeness and…I don’t want to see him dance with somebody else, okay?! Yes, I am going to pout about it.

9. Lindsey was actually constantly in my bottom three when the competition started but I noticed in my little notebook that the last few episodes have notes saying, “Absolutely not Lindsey!” for who should be in the bottom three. She seemed so immature at first, both personality and dancing-wise and they told her to bring some maturity to her routines and she definitely has. I see her as a strong contestant for the win now.

10. I really love Cyrus, but he should not have made it this far. His first few performances were so shaky and I know he only made it through because everyone was remembering his audition and America loves him. I love him too and considering he does one very unique style, I am impressed with everything else that he can do, but it still isn’t enough for the competition level of this show. He made it into the top ten very simply because the routine he did the week before had him being a ‘robot’, which is tailored made for his style. There is a part of me that almost thinks they gave him that routine on purpose to make sure he would make it into the top ten. Which…

11. …is a shame because instead of doing the Top Ten Tour, he should have taken this time when he is still forefront in people’s minds and turned it into job offers. Or, as The BFF suggested, someone needs to make a reality show about Dragon House. I would watch the shit out of that! Now Amelia is a choreographer’s wet dream and as sad as I am that she didn’t make the top ten, I think people will be clamoring to offer her work. And Janelle will take what she does so beautifully and turn it into good solid work for herself, as well. I miss people when they leave but I also feel better when I can see how this will turn into great offers for them.

12. Anyone ever notice how Mia Michaels’ routines use a lot of props? All awesome though.

13. And because it is bad luck to end on an even number - Napoleon and Tabitha’s baby!! How cute is their family?

Thoughts, anyone? anyothergirl415, are you watching this season?
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