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Random Rants and Some Other Things...

1) Did Zac Effron really turn down the lead in the Footloose Musical Movie? What's up with that? The last I heard him in an interview, he was mega-excited about the prospect of the Footloose remake. But he's not doing it now? What? He is doing "My Dead Brother's Ghost" (I know that's not the name of the movie!) that looks like a freaking Lifetime flick. I am so sad now. But still highly excited about the Footloose Musical Movie! And as my sister pointed out, it could have been Six Degrees of Zac Effron someday. Sorry, Zac, you lose.

2) Spiderman Remake or Reboot or whatever stupid term they are using to describe remaking a movie whose last installment just came out three years ago (and whose original piece, the origin story came out less than a decade ago). I was so pissed about this whole situation to begin with, and then I got mildly more excited at the prospect of Logan Lerman as the new Spiderman and now they've cast some other guy, who I don't really know so I can't say whether he'd be any good or not, but whose cares because without Sam Raimi this whole thing is gonna blow anyway. Hey, Studio, meet me at camera three - Yeah, hi, if Sam Raimi wants giant dancing purple pandas and singing unicorns...let him have them in his damn movie! He gave you three fan-fricking-tastic movies, and this is coming from an old school Spidey-freak here, and if he wants farting porcupines, let him have them!

3) "Harsh Realm" is the gayest thing ever, and I mean that in a homosexual way. Hartley and Black Oil (No, I refuse to call them Hobbs and Pinocchio - Their names are Samuel Hartley and Black Oil, trust me) are so best boyfriends, it's ridiculous. I can't even hold back the snarky comments anymore. And Chickie-Poo (yeah, yeah, I mean Florence) is totally mega-hot and they are in a virtual end of the world here, so threesome it up already, people! Cuz damn. I would also like to take this time to note that we have just discovered that Chickie-Poo is an angel - So, Hartley and Black Oil are the Chosen Ones and Chickie-Poo is an angel. What does that remind me of? - Yes, Castiel is a chick. I need to write me some Harsh Realm porn, like, now.

4) I was looking for something else entirely and somehow I found some of those videos of PS22 Chorus (the NY City elementary school with the amazing choir) and I'm starting to think the choir director might be a big giant fan-boy.

Don't Stop Believin'

Eye Of The Tiger

5) If I had a virtual reality world, my angels would have many faces - one of which would be a lion.
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