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This Is Why Democracy Doesn’t Work.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about politics. Though the American people’s inability to get a thing like voting on So You Think You Can Dance right, does have me worried about the upcoming presidential election. Because, come on people…really? Just…no.

- I am still reeling over the loss of Lindsey and Will the week before. In the Lindsey vs. Witney scene - (because how many fresh-faced young blonde ballroom dancers do you need on one show?) - I think they absolutely made the wrong choice. Witney has one thing going for her and that is sex appeal. But Lindsey is a better dancer who was able to hold her own in all the various styles, something which I felt Witney wasn’t able to do. Lindsey was just a more mature dancer. And Will - don’t even get me started at the stupidity of that. Okay. He got eliminated off his Bollywood number which is so stupid because it was the perfect routine for him. It was possibly my favorite routine of his all season and that is saying something. Will is fucking made for Bollywood, with his enthusiasm and his energy and his feet. I don’t even understand how he got cut based on that routine.

- Tiffany’s Jive this week was AMAZEBALLS. Though the problem with the All-Stars is that I have a hard time sometimes keeping my eyes on the contestants and not the All-Stars. That Benji dude, holy shit, his legs were just unbelievable to watch. He was spectacular. And Tiffany held her own against him which is just awesome. I never saw this girl coming but here she is, right at the end.

- Chehon’s solo was fantastic this week. His solos always are but…just wow. I disagreed with the judges about his partner dance though. I thought it was amazing and perfect and I didn’t see what it was they were talking about because I loved it. I feel like Chehon has come out of nowhere to kill this thing dead. Also, I love his personal back-story - (something I rarely care about with the dancers) - and I love his adorable mother and I wonder how much that affected his beautiful dance number with Katherine. I was just struck by Tyce crying over it.

- What was with that Mr. Postman number? It was fine but it feels to me like so many of the hip-hop numbers have been so light this year. I mean, that barely even felt like hip-hop to me. Idk, I like my hip-hop to feel raw, you know. When I am done watching a hip-hop number, I should feel like I want to have sweaty sex in a dirty alley with the dancers and if I don’t, you did something wrong.

- I was literally clenching my fists in anticipation of who was going to be eliminated. I started clapping when Tiffany got in - (holy shit, is she going to give Eliana a run for her money) - and then I just started yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over when Eliana made it in. That was so the right call to cut Witney. But then they did the guys and I almost started sobbing with joy when they said Chehon made the cut. I was so sure Cole was in that I wasn‘t even that worried because come on, they clearly left it down to Cole and Cyrus for the climatic effect, right? I was stunned beyond belief when Cole got cut. OUTRAGED!! At the end, after they showed Cole’s reel, did you see Chehon covering his face and how shocked all the other dancers looked? Who noticed they gave Cyrus another hip-hop routine this week? Tell me this shit isn’t rigged. And it sucks because I liked Cyrus at the beginning but I am so bitter now. The BFF said that they seem to be rating everyone on a SYTYCD-scale and then rating Cyrus on a Cyrus-scale. Like, “Oh, well that wasn’t great by other dancers’ standards but by Cyrus’ abilities that was amazing.” I agree with her, but it's just such bullshit. I had Cole pegged to win this thing. If Chehon doesn’t win now, I will be royally pissed. I feel kind of cheated by this season. On the upside for Cole, he has such a unique style that choreographers will be scrambling to get to him. I could see someone making a whole performance-show based around his style. I think it is a great style to show young kids who have never thought about dancing because it takes something like martial arts and infuses dance into it in a way that maybe makes it more accessible.

I’m just sayin’…if this is the way America votes, our country is doomed.
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