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Do Zombies Poop?

Collection Intervention the other night was about a Battlestar Galactica collector. He had a bunch of the stuff from the new show as well as old 70’s figures and whatnot. Though he was keeping them all in his garage, stacked up there, and some of the stuff was getting ruined. So the auction house lady brings in someone to talk to him about it and it is…Richard Hatch! And I got to say, he looks damn good. I think I might find him more attractive now than I did when he was on the original show. Of course, I was like seven at the time I watched this show, so…anyways.

The guy agrees to get rid of some of the stuff and then his wife comes up with this great idea for displaying the rest of it. The dude owns a comic book store and she clears out a room in the back and turns it into a Battlestar Collectible Museum. She invites a bunch of his friends and regulars at the comic store as well as Richard Hatch and when the dude gets there, to his surprise it is the grand opening of the “Battlestar Museum”. It was kind of awesome. I mean, I’d go check it out if it were anywhere near me. Like on a Saturday afternoon, take a little trip, go check out the collectibles - I’d be especially interested to see the original stuff - and then, you know, while we are there, definitely be doing some shopping in the store. A great way for him to showcase his collection and bring in customers!

Who tried out the new Matthew Perry sitcom, “Go On”? I highly enjoyed it. It isn’t a typical sitcom - it’s almost-but-not-quite a dramedy. I mean, it was hysterical but then at the end, when he finally started talking about his dead wife - (don't worry, that's not a spoiler, it's the premise of the show!) - it was rather sad and moving. Plus, the Owen-kid (who played Chris on Everybody Hates Chris) was rather moving too. But also hysterical. I mean, it’s Matthew Perry doing his thing he does best. I loved all the unique characters in his support group - Angry!Ann and Owen were the best of the group (Owen is my fav on the whole show) but they were all awesome. And John Cho as his boss was a neat surprise. One of the first things that happens is Matthew Perry convinces them all to compare their sad stories despite the therapist’s objections to comparison. They turn it into a game show of whose life sucks harder. It’s funny because of that true element to it - you all know when someone is complaining to you about their problems, you have moments of thinking, “Those aren’t real problems. My problems are real problems. They should shut up.” Or on the other end, when you are complaining about your problems, there is this voice in your head telling you to shut up because there are people with problems way worse than yours. It uses humor to tackle some very serious subjects, like grief and loss. I liked it.

If you are thinking about trying out 'Go On' but are saying to yourself, "Meh, I don’t really like most sitcoms," I will say that in general, I don’t either. I mean, those family-style sitcoms, especially the 90s era kind I have no use for. Nope on King of Queens or any of its kind. And you couldn’t pay me to watch 2 ½ Men. But there are some sitcoms I do like, so if you are wondering whether we have similar tastes in comedy, you can use this list as a comparison - That 70’s Show, Friends, Seinfeld, My Name Is Earl, Kitchen Confidential, The Flight of The Conchords, The Office, Community, Wilfred and Breaking In.

Lastly, I heart Craig Ferguson. What’s new? (See my new icon? Every time Craig says those words, my hand involuntarily fistbumps the air. Is that a weird reaction?) I also heart Adam Goldberg. My mom has just discovered him and keeps going on about how funny he is. Too bad she would hate Dazed & Confused because he was awesome in that. Anyways, Adam was on Ferguson the other night and first of all he picks a fight with Geoff and then he and Craig started breaking out in song and come up with a new idea for a show called CSI: Glee. Then they start writing songs for it. “I am a lawyer. I need proof - I am a detective and I can get you some!” I would watch that show. Then some woman came on who I think was a model but omg, I wish I knew who she was because I have the biggest crush on her now. She asked Craig if he had a 'go-bag'. I immediately felt turned on - is that weird? Craig, I am sad to say, didn’t know what a go-bag was and then insisted that the one dollar he had in his pocket would be enough for him to survive any sort of disaster. After that they spent some time trying to determine if zombies poop. Who wouldn’t be madly in love with them both at this point?

I feel like there was some other TV thing I wanted to say, but I can’t remember now. Anyhoo, Girls Weekend this weekend with The BFF. We are going to watch all the Step Up movies! I am so excited that I actually feel kind of ashamed of myself. Whatever.
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