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Distracted By Something Shiny

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23 May 1978
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I was born and raised in MI. I both hate it and love it. My first fandom was The A-Team and I wrote my first fic when I was seven. I got the Internet in 2000 and went looking for George Clooney wallpapers on the third day. I saw my first fanfic then (Dr. Ross/Nurse Hathaway) and followed a link the next day to a story about Ross/Carter and was like what? I started writing Lord of the Rings and West Wing fic almost immediately. It's 2010 now. I still write. Currently, I'm all Supernatural-crazy, but I love my fandoms all. Also, I like all the things I can't actually physically do but pretend I can anyway - dancing, figure skating, cheerleading, baseball, drumming, singing and playing the guitar. Those last four things are particulary nice when someone of the male form does them. I also like my men smart-alecy, skanky and douchebaggy. That's right, I just described Chad Michael Murray, so shut it. - Dodger

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